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Home Theatre & Smart TV Set Up

Attractive Wall-Mounting for Television and Audio Systems

  • Wall mount your TV 
  • Hide Cables /  Reduce Cabling 
  • Wall mount Sound bars / Speakers
  • Ceiling mount speakers 
  • Connect / Setup Home theatre 

We take care of mounting your new flat screen TV to the wall in a way that is both

functional and aesthetically pleasing. Worried about cords? Our technician specialises in hiding them in a wide variety of ways, depending on your wall; mounting your TV and speakers to the wall at the correct viewing and listening height takes your entertainment to a new level. It looks great and creates space. We can affix your TV on any wall but the task may vary depending on its materials or construction.

While it may sound simple, a lot of thought and planning goes into properly and professionally installing a new audio and visual system.

While most customers want their TV flush mounted to the wall we offer three other choices:

   TILTING bracket for high positions, SWIVEL mount for viewing from different position and CEILING bracket for small spaces or advertising.  

Do you really know what your Smart TV is capable of delivering?

 Its not just a lighter, bigger better version of your old one. We can set up all your favourite channels and apps and show you how to use them so you get amazing

audio and picture quality.

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We can connect other devices
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We can install a television anywhere