Home Theater Installation

Security & Other Connections

Personal and Home Security

Wearable Personal Security

Are very helpful for family members who live alone and must be monitored for falls or accidents at home.

Allows them to live at home secure in the knowledge that if they fall, their personal security device will notify a designated responder.

Security Alarms

Keep intruders at bay with an alarm system easily connected to your wifi and control from

your phone or tablet. 

Visual Intercoms

Inspect who is at the door before opening it! 

Ideal for elderly or vulnerable people, we recommend the audio/visual intercom because they can hear and see who's calling. Monitors can be fixed at any height in the house (for wheelchair) to save carrying around. However this is easy as it also connects to a smart phone. 
Our technician will demonstrate its use. Ideally combines with smart home door locks.

You will be in control of who you let into your home. 

Includes updates on your phones.

We can also install audio only intercom.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

If your business, home or club requires constance security surveillance

then a quality security system is required.

Cameras that feed back to a monitor, smart phone or tablet make it so much easier to see what is going on in a commercial business, agriculture farm, Sports club, Entertainment venue car park, manufacturing plant or for private property.  We will source the appropriate CCTV system to ensure the safety of your premises, staff, livestock, patrons or family while you away from the location.

You will be able to use your phone or tablet remotely to check up on what's been happening

in real time as well as review recordings of activities.  


Other Connections

Television Antenna Points

Replace, move or add new TV antenna points to your home or business.

Ethernet Cabling & WiFi Systems

For those who worry about WiFi radiation around children or can't get a strong enough signal in other

parts of a building to maintain a constant strong signal.

Sound speakers, Sound Bars & Entertainment Devices, Boxes and Hubs 

Get the best surround sound by having speakers hung and wired discreetly.

A new TV can be a headache when it comes to reconnecting all your AV devices such as game consoles, entertainment boxes, Hubs, DVD players and audio systems. Get it all connected again,

tuned and have those messy cables tidied up and hidden. 

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